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TANDEM TYRES - Nobody Knows Terrain Like We Do

Tandem Tyres is one of the longest-standing tyre importers in South Africa, with 17 years of passion, knowledge and experience ensuring that we deliver a truly outstanding service.


Since 2003, Tandem Tyres has become a well-known and trusted distributor of tyres to the South African market, expanding over the years to service the entire sub-Saharan Africa region. Our national footprint extends to every major city, with warehouses in Durban, Johannesburg, Bloemfontein and Cape Town, and sales representation across the country.


We dedicate ourselves to constantly developing and honing our technical knowledge. Our professional staff members boast impressive technical know-how, and are ready to give you valuable, well-informed advice and only the best high-quality products for your needs. Many of our key team members have worked in the industry for decades, gaining significant experience across a variety of products and applications.


The product ranges we offer have each been hand-selected for their quality and dependability. We have long been pioneers in bringing some of the world’s leading tyre brands to South Africa, and we are extremely careful in deciding which brands we partner with. No tyre brand is considered or accepted without a thorough review process, including factory visits and comprehensive product assessments. This ensures that we offer our clients the best the market has to offer. 


Our product range boasts quality tyre products in the following categories:





The Tandem Tyres team prides itself on delivering outstanding service and complete tyre solutions to its customers, no matter how big or small. After all, ‘tandem’ means ‘together’, and at Tandem Tyres, partnership is the cornerstone of successful, sustainable business.

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Manufactured in the same factory that produces some of the Yokohama range, Hilo OTR tyres offer the same quality standards and guarantees. Utilising natural rubber from Thailand and Malaysia, and steel sourced from a top Italian supplier, these materials are processed in German and Italian machines for the best possible quality.

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With over 15 years of experience in the tyre industry, Rhino has grown into a world-renowned tyre manufacturer with distributors in South America, Europe, Australia, Canada, USA and beyond. Their focus on quality, consistency and choice have earned them a high reputation amongst their users.


The Sirron quality standard has been carefully developed to deliver maximum value, boasting a range of durable tyres for industrial (especially Construction and Forklifts), Agricultural and OTR applications. All Sirron products are manufactured at approved factories that have been assessed for their quality.

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Founded in 2003, Fullrun is dedicated to high-tech tyre research and development. Owned and founded in Qingdao, Fullrun owns more than 30 international patents and manufactures over 1000 sizes for a comprehensive and high-quality offering.


A subsidiary of a top 20 global tyre manufacturer, Linglong is a specialised, technology-oriented tyre manufacturer. Linglong introduced the first indoor noise and rolling resistance laboratory in China, and the company has obtained over 300 domestic and international patents, receiving multiple awards and certificates for innovation and quality.

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