• 3-rib front farm tyre that features rubber compound designed to resist wear and damage.

  • Wide base for extra steer control for all soil conditions.

  • Resist cutting, snagging and stubble damage.

  • Better flotation ability.



  • Specifically engineered for agricultural tractors in industrial service.

  • Provides excellent traction on hard soil, asphalt and concrete.

  • Shock-fortified nylon-cord body resists impacts, cuts and punctures.



  • Implement and Trailer tyre suitable for both on and off road applications.

  • A low section implement tyre with a rib and block tread.

  • High load capacity.

  • Reduced soil compaction.


  • Versatile tractor tyre with multi-angle long bar tread design which offers maximum performance in a multitude of soil conditions.

  • Superior grip and self cleaning in the field.

  • Specially designed lug angles and radius prevents lug base cracks.



  • Specially designed tread for excellent traction and self cleaning properties.

  • Low angled lugs provide optimum traction.

  • High Impact fracture resistant casing.



  • Floatation tyre is suitable for agricultural implement and trailer uses.

  • Better distribution of load that provides less compaction of the soil.

  • Reinforced bead to withstand high loads.

  • Great self-cleaning and resistance to impacts, cuts and lacerations.



  • Innovative design for high load carrying capacity and excellent floatation properties.

  • Improved floatation leads to less soil compaction.

  • Engineered with a tractor tyre tread pattern and a heavy duty radial tyre casing.

  • Tractor tyre.

LR700 Trns.png


  • An excellent all-round radial tyre with advanced technology concentrated in the footprint area.

  • Resistance to cuts, particularly on hard soil.

  • The tyres traction capabilities combined with low soil compaction is achieved by the design of the tyre lugs which retain their efficiency due to consistent tyre wear characteristics.



  • A radial agricultural tyre with low aspect ratio.

  • High tyre volumes as well as low inflation pressure, provides high traction capabilities and more soil protection.

  • Excellent self cleaning ability.

  • Strong carcass and rigid belts ensure long tyre life.

LR451 .png


  • Increased traction performance.

  • Designed with a special cut and chip resistance compound that enables the tyre to carry heavy loads.

  • Extra wide lugs provide excellent traction and great stability in lifting operations.

LR8000 .png


  • Extra wide radial tyre for use in agricultural tractors and combine harvesters for farming.

  • Characterised by increased load capacity for the same inflation pressure, which means the low inflation pressure combined with large footprint helps reduce soil compaction.

  • Low angled lugs at shoulder area improve traction.




  • The Soil Tech Elite R1-W features a highly versatile multi-angle tread design.

  • The steep angle at the centre of the lug provides long tread wear, exceptional mud clearing capability and smooth roading.

  • Shallow angle at the shoulder delivers superior traction and improved hillside stability.

  • Engineered for Farm Tractors.