Protecting the protectors: Tandem Tyres donates safety tyres to Project Rhino team

At Tandem Tyres, we know that protecting our wildlife is one of the most important things we as South Africans can do. For many years, we have supported Project Rhino the best way we know – by sponsoring high-quality tyres for their protection vehicles.

Project Rhino is focused on protecting South African rhinos at every level. The association brings together government conservation bodies, game reserves, rhino owners, leading conservation NGOs and anti-poaching specialists. This coordinated approach looks at both immediate poaching problems and long-term wildlife interventions that empower the local communities who own, manage and protect our wildlife.

Over the years, we have sponsored tyres for Project Rhino’s Rhino Art initiative, and kitted out most of their member game reserves’ capture trucks, tractors and game viewers with fit-for-purpose tyres. Most recently, we were able to donate 5 sets of brand-new tyres to their K9 team, ensuring that they stay safe on the road while they’re keeping wildlife safe and fighting off poachers.

To find out more about this incredible initiative and how you can support, visit

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